A company's real estate portfolio is a tool to implement its strategy, brings to life its corporate values and is obviously a major financial commitment, with operational and cost optimisation challenges. As such, a bespoke real estate strategy is called for, that is properly aligned both with the company's operational objectives and with its global vision.

CBRE advises corporate clients on the full range of issues relating to real estate strategy, to position, optimise or manage efficiently their operational real estate portfolio (offices, retail, logistics or alternative assets) in Poland and internationally.

CBRE strategic consulting services include:

    • Location analytics: multi criteria geographic analysis to present a client with a shortlist of recommended location opportunities that match its strategy. This may include an assessment of the employment pool or of the impact on the commute time for staff (for offices), of the catchment area (for retail), or of the impact on the organisation of logistics (for warehouses).
    • HR strategic advisory:
    • Portfolio review: analysis on a local or multi-national level to ensure that territorial coverage, property characteristics and usage are in keeping with the company's business strategy.
    • Feasibility Studies and cash flow analysis


With robust methodologies and considerable expertise, CBRE consultants offer each client a strategy that is flexible, optimised, tailored and perfectly in line with the client’s corporate culture, the property markets and the new working methods required in the digital workplace.