Accurate, competent and in time. Our surveyors all have their own specialist field and know the specific rules and conditions of the sector or the valuation's specific purpose. That helps speed up the valuation's processing time. They are certified and registered by The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and have Polish valuation licenses (PFVA). We work independently, and closely follow the general trends in the different property sectors, set out to deliver clear insights, reliable and professional value assessments.

Reliable valuations with supporting figures. A realistic assessment of your property's market value is essential. It provides the foundations for your property strategy and all decisions arising from it. It also gives your financiers the confidence to continue their relationship with your organization. We therefore support our valuations with recent transactions of comparable properties as well as information from the land registry and national property databanks. More importantly is the exceptionally thorough value analyses we store in our international and local databases.

Thorough valuation reports. Our reports are without exception of a very high quality. The clear structure of our valuation report follows the guidelines of international and national bodies and their content covers all the elements that influence your property's value. It includes a description of the building and its special features, its location and the reference projects and we compare all this to current market developments. You will receive a thorough valuation report with internationally accepted calculations. 


  • Highly qualified surveyors with certification from RICS and other institutions such as PFVA and Hyp Zert
  • High-quality, reliable reports with excellent supporting documentation, which meet your organization’s requirements
  • Valuation reports focused on their specific purpose: annual financial statements, financing, buying and selling transactions, mergers and takeovers, bankruptcies, tax issues, mortgage lending value
  • Valuations of commercial and residential properties, based on our knowledge and expertise of this specific market
  • Internationally accepted calculations based on calculation models like Argus Valuation Capitalization and Argus Developer