Photovoltaic solutions are increasingly popular for landlords and occupiers to address their needs for reduction of operational power costs, minimizing carbon emissions and meeting their ESG (Environment Sustainability Governance) ambition.

CBRE has created a unique integrated service that combines our technical expertise with our awareness of the reality of commercial real estate and multi-tenant buildings.

We are also completely independent from supplier and installation organisations so we can provide the optimum solution for your need as well as manage the whole process including design, permitting,  procurement, installation and putting into operation.

We have a phased approach that puts control of the process in the Clients hands and providing the essential data to make informed decisions.


During this phase we will undertake site inspection of the proposed location.  Many solutions exist whether they are roof top based, over parking areas or utilizing green zones.  A specialist visiting the site is the only way to identify potential options.

As well as visiting the property we will undertake a desktop review of the as-built documentation, especially for roof top solutions, lease agreements and agreement with the electrical power providers.

Combining the findings of the discovery phase we can provide an early indication of the possibilities and red flags for a PV installation at the property.  With the findings of the discovery phase the client is able to make an informed decision whether to proceed further or not.

Analysis & Design

Using the findings from the discovery phase our architects and engineers will develop the technical solutions available.  As well as connection solutions, sub-structures and overall design CBRE has in-house capability to create the concept design for the PV installation.

The technical solutions and design are key data sets that support the commercial analysis.

Commercial Analysis

The commercial analysis builds on the discovery, analysis and design to create a commercial and financial model of the optimum solution for Photo Voltaic power.

The total investment cost budget including design, permitting, structural strengthening, sub-structures and electrical connection solutions will be prepared.

On the revenue side the PV design will enable power and hence revenue calculations taking into account the commercial solution that is to be created for covering investment costs and the flow of revenues.

The financial model, based on Net Present Value (NPV), will take the cost and income streams over a ten year period to enable a realistic prediction of the payback and economic benefits of the proposed solution.


As an independent consultant we are able to provide an honest recommendation, based on the phase described above, on the optimum technical and commercial solution that we would recommend.

If the findings show that investment will represent a loss we will inform our client, our objective is to protect the client interest and not sell PV Installations.


In the event of a positive decision to proceed we have the project management and engineering team that can manage the whole process including permiting (if required), negotiations with stakeholders, procurement, installation and putting into use.

A full start to finish support service.