From greenfield or industrial brownfield sites, to existing assets generating satisfactory returns or those that are now obsolete due to dilapidation, vacancy, low returns or other factors, investors are always keen to find winning strategies to boost the value of their properties. What is the best (alternative) use for it? How can this be achieved? What are the associated time frames and costs? What are the potential rental incomes and/or how much can be generated by disposing of the property?

CBRE advises owners to derive the most value from their assets:

Feasibility studies

Analysis of (re)development or conversion scenarios, focusing on the products that offer the best possible returns while remaining firmly within the framework of the applicable opportunities and constraints:
-  Technical and architectural
-   Legal and regulatory: planning regulations, etc.
-   Financial: property market (supply, demand, transactions, stakeholder profiles, etc.), potential income (rents, disposal price), expenditure (operating costs and duties, building works)

Surface construction potential and phasing
Financial modelling and valuation
Classification of scenarios according to the implementation conditions (changes to the LUP, schedule etc.) and value created

Communication and discussion with local authorities in order to obtain planning approval


An integrated multi-disciplinary team with thorough knowledge of local stakeholders and markets.
CBRE combines multi-disciplinary teams with a thorough knowledge of the stakeholders (investors, property developers, corporate end users, local authorities) and local real estate markets for assets of all kinds (offices, residential, hotel, retail, logistics, serviced residences, healthcare, etc.). This is a real advantage for investors to boost their property value.