A data centre is a building used to house computing equipment such as servers along with associated components such as telecommunications, network and storage systems.

    1. Data Centre’s are similar in nature to that of an industrial / warehouse building

    4. Eaves height of 14-20m with plant on top

    2. Categorised in the same planning / zoning designations

    5. The market is measured on a megawatt (MW)

    3. Site density around 60%


A Data Centre is equipped with a guaranteed power supply and high bandwidth connectivity. Resilience is critical so redundancy (duplication) of networks, power and other infrastructure (e.g. cooling and generators) is common to ensure continuity. Other facilities include building management controls such as air conditioning to maintain the environmental conditions for the equipment within a specified envelope of temperature and humidity, and security systems to insure that the facility and its data remain secure.

Data Centre specification:

  • Data Centre’s are similar in nature to that of an industrial / warehouse building and subsequently tend to be located in industrialised locations. Furthermore they are often also categorised in the same planning / zoning designations.
  • Typically they have a greater site density (around 60%) which is driven by the fact that they do no require as much car parking and loading areas.
  • Height is also key for operators. They prefer to build 2/3 storey structures and often house equipment on the roof. Typically 20-22m is required. Multi storey Data Centre’s (>25m) are quite rare as this begins to impact the buildings efficiency however they are becoming more popular is locations where land is scarce.
  • Data Centre’s can vary quite significantly in size and we have worked on requirements ranging from 2,000 – 1,000,000 sq m.
  • The market is measured on a megawatt (MW) basis and there are some parallels between the size of the land / building and the power requirements. Power density can range anywhere between 0.5 - 3 MW per 1,000 sq m of building floor area.

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