Structural change will drive innovation across the Healthcare industry. Knowledgeable participants, investors and operators alike, are increasingly innovative in their operational, financing and strategic decision making.

  • NHS – Innovative partnerships are emerging between forward thinking NHS Trusts and the private sector.
  • Primary care – Developers/investors should be positioning themselves for the development tap being turned back on.
  • Retirement living – Fundamental challenges within the sector are restricting its development as an established investment class.
  • Charities – Since 2015, we have seen increased investor demand for leading charitable operators whilst those same operators are becoming the go-to trade buyers.
  • UK Care home market – Demand, challenges and investment opportunities resulting from National Living Wage (NLW) and the fee rate rise response.
  • Debt finance – Structural reforms are causing concern over operating profits and the long-term serviceability of debt. CBRE can help access and advise on a wide range of debt sources and solutions.