Flexible offices, coworking spaces, serviced offices - aside from the pandemic, these have been hot topics in the real estate industry in recent years, and particularly in the last few months.

The word pandemic is ubiquitous at the current time. For the flexible office industry, we hear more and more often that this is the reason for increasing client focus on this sector. No wonder, because in the era of an inability to make long-term decisions, the flex offer is the answer to many customer requirements. The pace and scope of these changes is particularly well visible in the CEE region, which is developing exceptionally dynamically, whilst at the same time many customers and operators are watching the flex offer market closely.

That is why we decided to create this short report, which provides the most important information about the flex market in CEE, including the similarities but also differences between individual countries and leading cities.

And there is a lot to talk about. CEE has over 643,000 sq m of flex space, which has been built in the last 15 years. Another 85,000 sq m will be delivered, despite the pandemic, in the next 2 years.

This is a response to customer interest. The strength of the flex space market is best illustrated by the list of the largest transactions on the market in 2020, despite the prevailing pandemic.


We wish you pleasant reading!